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What Makes Telcom Savvy’s Customer Service Superior To Other Phone Landline Options

Anyone who has ever used landline phone systems for their business, probably has a few horror stories to tell about times they’ve tried reaching out to customer support. Nightmarish customer support service has unfortunately become expected from companies like Vonage, 8×8, and RingCentral, and it’s hard to blame customers for being fed up.

A few alarming customer service statistics from Qminder:

  • 67% of customers hang up the phone in frustration when they cannot reach a customer service representative.
  • 72% of customers blame poor customer service for having to explain their issue multiple times.
  • 84% of customers report that their expectations had not been exceeded in their last interaction with customer service.

The above information should come off as alarming, but sadly is all too believable. When launching Telcom Savvy, a VoIP service phone system, we knew we had to do things differently. That’s why we not only assembled a top of the line VoIP service product, but an exceptional support team to go with it.

A great product isn’t worth investing in if you’re constantly struggling to use it. So what exactly makes Telcom Savvy’s customer service different from the service of most phone landline options.

We Have A 24/7 Live Support Team

Every second your phone lines aren’t properly working, your company risks losing a potential customer or client. We understand that. Most phone landline options don’t, or if they do, don’t seem to care.

When reaching out to Telcom Savvy, no matter what time of day or night you call, you’ll get to speak with a live representative right away. Our customers never have to deal with obnoxious hold times or are told to call back later. You’ll quickly be put in touch with one of our customer support representatives. We also don’t use auto attendants or force our customers to navigate any automated voice driven menus. When you reach out to our Savvy support team, you get a live person to talk with, and have your issues worked on right away.

Along with phone support, customers can also reach out for help through the Telcom Savvy website, and get a timely response regarding whatever issue they are experiencing. And once again, this is a live person you’ll be communicating with, not some chat bot. We can handle whatever unique questions or concerns you may have, and won’t provide you with some scripted answer.

Our Support Team Actually Has Answers

Ever feel like you know more than the phone support person you’re asking for help? That should never happen! When a business owner reaches out for support to their phone system provider, they don’t just need a sympathetic voice, but someone who can actually solve the problems they are experiencing. Unfortunately, most companies think just be delightful on the phone is enough.

According to the Harvard Business Review:

  • 59% of customers report expending moderate-to-high effort to resolve an issue
  • 62% of customers report having to repeatedly contact a company to resolve an issue

With Telcom Savvy, the customer experience is much different. The members of our support team are not only friendly, but have received extensive training, and know the details of our phone system in and out. So when you present an issue or change you want to make to your phone service, our Savvy representative will know exactly how to begin solving your issue.

In most cases whatever problem you are having will be resolved before the conclusion of the call. And in the rare cases we can’t provide an immediate solution, your issue will remain our team’s top concern until a resolution is found.

We Actually Care About Your Customer Experience

Providing our customers with a quick and hassle free experience actually matters to us at Telcom Savvy. We don’t like it when people waste our time, and we have no interest in wasting any of yours.

When reaching out for assistance with phone landline options, there is a good chance you’ll be dealing with some outsourced support team located in a foreign company. Landline phone companies hire these teams to answer as many calls a possible, with typically little regard to the quality of the phone answering team. This almost always results in a poor customer experience.

Telcom Savvy uses only domestic support attendants (all located in New York) so you never have to worry about miscommunication or dealing with someone who isn’t familiar with your business.

Our customer support team will always be courteous and understanding, and more importantly get your phones running at their best as quick as humanly possible. Get in touch with us today by requesting a custom quote or calling 631-621-3200, and see how incredible our support team is for yourself!