VoIP Service

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is essentially a phone system that derives its connection directly from your internet source. It is the only true replacement for a landline that you purchase from your local phone company, i.e. Comcast, Optimum, Verizon, etc. All you need in order to setup your VoIP service is a particular phone that works with your VoIP provider, plug it into your internet router, and that’s it! Your new VoIP service is up and running.

VoIP Compared to Traditional Landlines

You can schedule reports daily, weekly, or monthly in order to get snapshots of your phone activity. Telcom Savvy will even help you setup your reports and automate them to your exact liking. This means you can tailor each and every single one of your reports to show you exactly which metrics you’d like to see, and have related metrics located together visually for your comparison.

Additional features you can enjoy with VoIP

Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP phones come with a myriad of convenient business features that will bring your phone system into the modern era, including smartphone apps that allow you to use your office phone from your smartphone, call recording, conference bridging, SMS messaging, and more!

Why Use Telcom Savvy As Your VoIP Service?

We noted above that the industry average for business quality VoIP service is $39.99/month per seat. Well, Telcom Savvy starts at just $19.95/month per seat. As you add on more robust features the price goes up, but we are still extremely affordable. We can beat the price and meet your needs better than every single VoIP Service on the market!

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