Call Reporting and Analytics

The Telcom Savvy smartphone app is an extremely useful extension of your Telcom Savvy phone system. Rather than having to use your personal cell phone number when leaving your office, Telcom Savvy’s smartphone app allows you to bring your business phone with you when you leave the office. The app also allows you to control your phone system remotely, giving you the power to remain in control of your operation even when you aren’t physically at the office.

Software Phone (Softphone)

Now your business number can travel with you everywhere you go. From your Telcom Savvy smartphone app, you can choose to take your business office number’s calls right from your mobile phone. You can also turn your mobile phone to do not disturb from the app which will prevent your business phone calls from ringing on your smartphone, by touching the green “ReachUC” at the top left of the keypad dialer. This is usually done when you are sitting right next to your office phone, as you can use your office phone to answer the business calls. You can also dial out straight from your smartphone app, which will display your business number as the caller ID to your caller. This keeps your personal cell phone number private from your customers. Speaking of keeping your cell phone number private, you can even send and receive text messages to your customers from your business number.

Call Recording

When you’re having an extremely important conversation that you’d like to record for later, your Telcom Savvy smartphone app will let you record that call with a single touch of a button. In fact, the record button is located directly on the screen when you press dial to make a call. Your call will be stored in your Telcom Savvy smartphone app, and inside your online portal so that you can listen to the entire recording again later on.

How do I use Telcom Savvy’s Call Reporting and Analytics?

When you sign up with Telcom Savvy, we will give you a username and temporary password with which you can login to your Telcom Savvy portal. Once you login for the first time, you’ll be able to change your password. After that, explore all of the menus to view your reports, schedule weekly/monthly reports to your email, and change the options of your phone system. You can control the call forwarding, ring cycle, phone numbers, and much more from your Telcom Savvy portal.

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