Virtual Fax

A virtual fax works exactly like a fax machine, except you receive your fax documents digitally inside your email address instead of your fax machine. This means anyone can send documents to your fax number, and you can access them from your computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet, immediately!

No more waiting

We all remember the annoyance of someone telling you they’ve sent you a fax, and knowing you have to travel all the way back to your office to retrieve the document. Even worse, it could be an emergency fax over the weekend that you have to go get! Not anymore. Now, when someone needs to fax you something important, you get that document immediately. Read your faxes from your smartphone, home computer, and easily store them electronically.

Save the trees (Go paperless.)

Saving on paper is environmentally responsible of you, not to mention you can get rid of the ponderous fax machine that collects dust in your office. Now you can get that fancy espresso machine you never had the room for, and you can afford it with all the money you save by not buying paper! Look at you go.

How do I use Telcom Savvy’s Virtual Fax?

If you have a fax number you want to keep using, we’ll port that number over to Telcom Savvy for you, the same as we would port over your regular phone numbers when you switch to Telcom Savvy. You get to keep your advertised fax number, and not endure the hassle of printing new business cards and updating your website.

If you don’t have a fax number you want to keep using or you want a new number, we’ll simply provide you with a few fax number options to choose from. Once you’ve chosen, we’ll set up your virtual fax number. You can control where the faxes get sent once they’ve been received — meaning that you can control which email addresses are copied on each fax! It’s all inside your customizable user portal, and yes, it’s that easy.

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