Minute Pooling

Telcom Savvy allows you to pool the minutes that you’ve purchased across all of your phones, so that your phones can’t individually run out of minutes. For example, if you have 10 phones and you have purchased 10,000 minutes for your entire phone system,you needn’t divide up your minutes equally per phone. Each individual phone will simply use minutes from your pool of unused minutes each month. This allows your business to continue to run smoothly, even though you technically purchased minutes per phone. Read more to learn about Telcom Savvy’s minute pooling and how this can benefit your business.

Compile Your Minutes

You know when you’re buying your phone system which phones are going to use the most minutes. This is usually where buying a VoIP system becomes problematic, as you might know that certain phones will need more minutes than others, but with Telcom Savvy, you needn’t worry about that. We let you pool all of your minutes together, so that the phones that are utilized more often aren’t penalized, and the phones that are used less don’t waste minutes!

Pool Across All Locations

Even if you have multiple business locations whose phones all belong to the same system, you can pool the minutes from every location together as well. This way, you never have to worry about running over your minutes between different locations, everyone’s phones share minutes!

Do I need to do anything to activate Minute Pooling?

Nope! Telcom Savvy’s minute pooling is automatic, all of your phones will simply use minutes from your total minute pool. You don’t even need to worry about one phone getting close to its minute usage, because unless your entire phone system is using more minutes than it is allowed, you won’t run out of minutes!.

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