Server Redundancy

Server Redundancy from Telcom Savvy is a failover system that transfers your phone system’s information to a different server, should your server encounter any problems. Telcom Savvy guarantees zero outages for your phone system because of our server redundancy. Our zero failover system is provided largely because of our servers located across the country, meaning that even if one server goes down, the other servers will keep your phone system up and running. Continue reading to learn more about server redundancy and what this means for your business VoIP system.

Zero Outages

Because of the multiple servers Telcom Savvy utilizes that are all located in separate parts of the United States, we can guarantee your phone system stays up and running, even if one server goes down. Our servers are located in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Texas, and California. Because of the wide range of locations of our servers, we can guarantee constant and consistent VoIP service!

Automatic Failover

Even if you are worried that the location of one of Telcom Savvy’s servers might go down, there is an automatic failover system in place, which means that if one server goes down, the other servers automatically take on the responsibilities of the phone systems. You don’t need to do anything to switch servers or make sure that your phone systems are up, this is done automatically by us at Telcom Savvy.

How do I use Telcom Savvy’s Server Redundancy?

You don’t have to do a thing, we’ve got you covered. Our software is constantly monitoring activity of the phone systems and servers across the country, so if a problem arises, our software detects the problem and automatically switches over the problematic systems to different servers. You can rest easy knowing that we have your phone system completely covered.

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