Conference Bridge

We all know how frustrating it can be to try setting up a conference. Sending invitations to all members, making sure everyone is in the call, and then not having any control over the conference call. Telcom Savvy takes the difficulty out of setting up your conference calls by providing conference bridging services. A conference bridge will allow up to 30 callers to participate in a single call without any volume loss, and is simple to setup and use.

Save money on travel expenses

It costs a lot of money to have your outside employees transported to your office for an on-site meeting. With just one virtual meeting using Telcom Savvy’s conference bridging, you save enough money avoiding costs to pay for your phone system for at least 1 month, if not the entire year!

No need to schedule far in advance

It can take weeks to find availability for every participant to a meeting. With virtual meetings and Telcom Savvy conference bridge service, you can schedule your virtual meeting in a matter of minutes, and everyone’s availability is much more open when it comes to just a phone call as opposed to an on-site meeting.

How do I use Telcom Savvy’s Conference Bridge?

Telcom Savvy’s conference bridge service simply gives you a phone number to dial, and provides all of your meetings attendees with a pin to enter once they dial into the phone call. For example, if your conference bridge phone number is 631-621-3200, and the access PIN is 7289, you would let all attendees know this information! They can dial 631-621-3200, the system will prompt him/her to enter the PIN, and then they will be in! Just tell everyone to not be late for the call!

Call us at 631-621-3200 to learn more.

Why choose Telcom Savvy Conference Bridge Services?

Zero Failover

Our server redundancy will ensure that even if one data center goes down, your phone system doesn’t.

Multi Location Management

Our proprietary solution gives you multi location management without the equipment.

Cloud Firewall

We encrypt your information to keep it safe and secure. Our data encryption is maintained by top-tier professionals.

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